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ABSOLUTE RED - Products Goji - Wolfberry 100% Fruit Powder 250g - Goji Berry Fruit Powder 250g
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Products Goji - Wolfberry 100% Fruit Powder 250g

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Goji Berry Fruit Powder 250g

It is pure, no added fruits, preservatives, flavours or colours. Using a proprietary process developed by our scientists, "Absolute Red" wolfberry powder is ground from WHOLE frozen Ningxia berries.

This process ensures that as many nutrients as possible are it's still vital when it comes to you.

Mix with fruit juice or add to milk and fresh fruit to make a goji berry smoothie.

For optimial results, adults under forty should take 8 grams (four teaspoons) a day while those over forty should take 10 grams (five teaspoons) a day.

I have been taking Absolute Red NingXia Wolfberry Powder for over a month and the results are remarkable! I have noticed my energy levels dramatically increase within the first week. 

As the weeks progressed my improved energy enabled me to think more clearly, concentrate better at work, work more efficiently and feel much less fatigued in both the day and night. This extra energy has also meant I don’t eat sugary foods to get me out of those low-energy slumps during the day. As a result, this has enabled me to eat healthier and better control my weight.

I’ve also noticed my stress levels are more manageable. I work long hours and deal with lots of different people each day, which at times can by quite harrowing. Combine this with trying to do as much as possible each day left me feeling stressed, cranky and burnt out almost daily. Since taking Absolute Red I’ve found I’m better able to deal with all the events, interactions and disruptions in my day without them stressing me out.

My sleeping has also improved since taking Absolute Red. I find I can fall asleep faster, stay asleep and wake up feeling more refreshed then ever before.

I’ve tried taking other Wolfberry/ Goji products on the market, but never felt as fantastic as I do taking Absolute Red! I’ve never felt stronger, healthier and happier than I do now! As a herbalist I recommend Absolute Red to my clients to help them achieve optimum health, well-being and vitality.”
Corinne McErlain 
B.Sc, Master of Herbal Medicine, Adv.
Dip. Western Herb

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