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ABSOLUTE RED - Products Goji - Wolfberry 100% Puree 750ml
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Products Goji - Wolfberry 100% Puree 750ml

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Goji Berry 100% Puree 750ml

There is no other product like Absolute Red Ningxia 100%  puree - it's cold pressed on site within six hours of picking to preserve a maximum amount of bioactive nutrients using a patented Nutri-Guard process developed by scientists following eight years of product development.

The berries used come from the home of the goji (wolfberry) in the NingXia Valley and are of the highest 'super' grade which means more skin, flesh and juice and less seed.

Goji products are not the same. Some are dulited with water, use reconstituted goji berries, or are mixed with other reconstituted juices such as pear and grape. NOT Absolute Red Ningxia Wolfberry (goji) Puree. It's 100% pure cold pressed goji berries and as Nature would have it, eating the whole food is what it's about. That's why Absolute Red has quickly grown into the superior goji puree available.

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